PowerPoint Presentations

I have over 25 years in creating PowerPoint Presentations, having having first started at PriceWaterhouse, creating marketing and keynote speaker presentations. My objective is to help clients obtain their long and short-term goals through creation of graphics, tables, and video.


I start with a free consultation to see what our clients needs and goals are, as well as finding out about any branding that needs to be applied. Once hired, I begin by creating your overall template (if one isn’t supplied), using your branding as our primary focus. I continue with the Title slide, content slides and the overall material.


I excel in charts of all types, including the importing of excel accounting spreadsheets. I am also design driven, so we will ensure that your deck looks great, has your branding in mind, and effectively conveys your vision. I work in both Photoshop and Illustrator with our graphics in order to bring out the best resolution and color.