Website Design and Development - DJP Design
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In order to help you achieve a strong Online presence, we view the overall picture and do the detailed work that will provide the solutions you need to draw a larger target audience. We understand your need to stay on-budget and on-time and we provide ongoing support every step of the way. We let you choose the options that best meet your needs and budget, and we ensure that there are no hidden costs.

A few of my present clients include;

Web Development

We design your site using your branding, as well as the latest plugins, widgets and SEO to ensure that your site maintains a strong Online presence.

Content Creation & Optimization

We have specialized in the design and development of small business websites for 25 years.

Newsletters via Email

Creation of newsletters to send to your site’s visitors and registrants.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter feeds, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Video and Podcast Promotion. Blog writing and content creation. 


We will design your site using the branding of your company. We also help small companies with their branding, using the latest colors and design that market your target audience.


WooCommerce, PayPal, etc.

SEO Installation & Google Listings

We offer one page or full site SEO plug-in installation and optimization; which by optimizing the content on your website, we will expand the relevancy of your top words and phrases. 

Web Mastering

We offer a very affordable web mastering plan. We go into your site every week to update plug-ins, themes, make backups, and check to make sure all links are working properly. We keep your site running smoothly.

At DJP Design, we create, maintain, and support small businesses and social media sites. We provide quality service at an affordable price.