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Welcome to DJP DESIGN

DJP Design provides Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Illustrations services to corporations, small businesses,  organizations, and entrepreneurs. I apply 30+ years experience in graphic design, as well as knowledge and critical thinking in both internet design and branding to produce results that helps to grow your business, launch new products, and increase your sales.

Some of the clients that I have acted as a Project Manager have included Disney, MGM, Sony, Universal Studios, Genotech, Vivendi, Wells Fargo, Scotia Bank, Support The Cure, U.S. Capital Export, Global Equity Organization, and Cars Direct. I also individually design sites and marketing materials for smaller companies, entrepreneurs, as well as many film actors and productions. 

UI/UX WordPress
Website Design & Development

I specialize in design and development for WordPress using the latest techniques. I design from conception to completion, creating stunning graphics and animation to attract customers. I am fluent in Yoast SEO Premium, video creation, photo formatting/resizing, plugin/widget installation and configuration, CTAs, email forms, security and malware protection, shopping carts, etc.

I also offer web mastering, which includes security software, weekly updates to plugins, widgets, themes and database, checking pages for broken links, and making weekly back-ups of your site. I am always available to answer your questions.

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Graphic Design

Using Adobe Create Cloud’s InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, I enjoy the creative process with my clients to design company branding, custom logos, marketing brochures, newsletters, posters, flyers, programs, magazine ads, in-house visuals, presentations, and PDF documents.

Using InDesign, I also design eBooks and interactive PDFs, including catalogues, marketing brochures, presentations, interactive table of content and page navigation, etc.

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Illustrations and Artwork

From simple to complex, I create hand-crafted illustrations or artwork for either your business or personal needs. I am an old-school digital artist who draws and paints my designs. I do not use any filters for my high-end work. I design-by-hand, magnifying the image by 500% to create extreme clarity when necessary. 

My artwork includes illustrations, interior/exterior drawings, events, portraits, pets, and cartoon characters . There are illustrations that take weeks to create and some that take a day, depending on your needs and budget.

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Video Creation and Editing

You can take your marketing to the next level by creating short animations to post on your YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I work closely with my clients to ensure both quality of design and creativity.

I also design animated movie credits and do video editing.