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Welcome to DJP DESIGN!

DJP Design provides Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Illustrations services to small businesses, companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs. We apply 25+ years experience, as well as a knowledge of strategic communication to produce results that helps grow your business, increase sales, launch new products, and expand brand recognition.


Some of our clients have included Disney, MGM, Sony, Universal Studios, Genotech, Vivendi, Wells Fargo, Scotia Bank, BofA, Support The Cure, U.S. Capital Export, Global Equity Organization, Cars Direct, as well as an array of Entertainment and Musical stars. 

DJP Design - Website Development




I specialize in designing sites for small business and entrepreneurs that attracts our client’s target audience and increases their traffic and sales.


I offer website development and design services, graphics, banners, photo enhancements, as well as SEO, Social Media, Google Listings, Plugin installation and set-up, and Web Mastering.


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I specialize in company branding, custom logos, marketing brochures, newsletters, posters, flyers, programs, magazine ads, in-house visuals, and presentations, and PDF documents.


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DJP Design - Graphic Design
DJP Design - Illustrations




From simple to complex, I can create a hand-crafted illustration or artwork for either your business or personal needs. 


My artwork includes illustrations, architectural drawings, cartoon characters, as well as people and pets. Simple to complex, depending on your needs.


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I work closely with clients during the design process
to create successful websites, advertisements and logos.